Customer support on Twitter

I had a pleasant customer support experience today on Twitter. The company was Optus ( and the conversation went like this.

This is not the first time Optus has helped me out through Twitter. So Kudos to Optus for providing customer support through Twitter.

Not that Optus is perfect

  • Their coverage is patchy at best. As I type this at home, 2 meters from a window, I have no 3G and 1 bar.
  • Last time I checked their call centre had no “call back” function available
  • They do not publicise any email addresses on their “Contact Us” Page.

However I hope quality customer service through Twitter is an indication Optus is improving.

Now Optus is not the only Australian company embracing twitter. For example the other major telcos also provide support through Twitter.

The great thing about Twitter, from a customer service perspective, is that the interaction is async. It may have taken a total of 4 hours to get the issue solved. But it only required 3 lots of 10 seconds of my time. Much better than the 30 minutes I probably would have spent on hold calling the helpdesk.

Posted by: Simon Cropp
Last revised: 24 Dec, 2011 05:21 AM History


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