Introducing PepitaGet

The project

Using Nuget to get dependencies

So, like most people using .net, I have started to make use of Nuget. However there is one area/feature that it is currently lacking in: Helping you avoid checking in binaries. Here is the feature request

The workaround

The current workaround I have been using was first described by David Ebbo And later clarified by José F. Romaniello

This essentially involves having 1 binary dependency “Nuget.exe”. Then as part of the build ensuring packages are downloaded before they are used. This has been satisfactory for a while but eventually I started to think it could be better. The problems are as follows

  • Nuget.exe at 405KB is relatively large.
  • Although not a major problem Nuget.exe is relatively slow. On my machine it takes approx. 160ms (per project) to check for dependencies. This is only a big issue if you have a solution with many projects.
  • The syntax for setting it up is fairly verbose


<Exec Condition="Exists('$(ProjectDir)packages.config')"
install "$(ProjectDir)packages.config"
-o "$(SolutionDir)Packages"' />

So I built PepitaGet

It is a lightweight exe that has 1 purpose. To ensure your packages exist as part of a build. With this very limited requirement I am able to optimise the process. The result is:

  • It is small. Currently around 10KB.
  • Fast. Runs in approx. half the time Nuget.exe does
  • Simple to setup.

Still early days

The current version is 0.1 so it is still early days. So far I have moved 4 of my Open Source projects over. So it gets the “Works on my machine” and “Works on the build server” badges.

So have a play and tell me what you think.

Posted by: Simon Cropp
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