The failure that is Microsoft Connect

A sample list showing how Microsoft handles bugs in the Connect website.

Click Once fails with proxy authentication

Stats: 43 votes , 19 repos, Opened Mar 2005, Closed as Won't Fix, Last Action by MS Aug 2006 Link

Notable Comment: It is unbelievable, you, Microsoft, declared you've found a workaround that involves changing machine.config and have closed the issue as insignificant!! What is wrong with you guys?!

TabControl doesn't display Validation error information correctly when switching tabs back and forth

Stats: 28 votes, 11 repos, Opened Aug 2007, Closed as Won't Fix, Last action by MS Mar 2009 Link


Unknown PrincipalOperationException when add UserPrincipal in collection GroupPrincipal.Members

Stats: 4 votes, 3 repos, Opened Oct 2010, Resolved as Duplicate with no link to Duplicate Link

Notable Comment: Repeat, where is the link to the duplicate? Has this been fixed?

Allow to unload assemblies

Stats:165 votes, Opened 18 Aug 2004, Closed as External, Last action by MS 23 Aug 2004 Link

Cannot create/shadow copy 'VariousFileName' when that file already exists.

Stats:67 votes, 59 repos, Opened Oct 2006, "Resolved as Won't Fix", no response from MS Link

Notable Comment: Can Microsoft provide the reason why this is marked as "Won't Fix"?

Give .NET Windows Forms the MFC 7 look with the Tahoma font as default

Stats:93 votes, Opened Jul 2004, "Closed as Postponed" Link

Notable Comment: Microsoft isn't helping improve the consistency of apps on their platfrom with bugs like this one that never get fixed. Although perhaps that's a lost cause already...

EW highlighting is confused by php script enclosed in a string.

Stats:1 Vote, Opened 10 Sept 2010, "Closed as Won't Fix" Link

Notable Comment: (From Microsoft) thanks for posting this problem. I can confirm that the syntax highlighting and IntelliSense is broken when PHP code is embedded in a JavaScript block. The design of our parsing code does not allow us to fix this problem easily. I am afraid that without a major overhaul this is simply "by design". Thanks again. Your report is useful.

Posted by: Simon Cropp
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